Welcome to Armenia

Armenia is the living witness of human evolution from its early stages. Each stone on this land has a history, every sight tells a story from the past, every pattern has a meaning and each human creation is a part of the whole universe.
A perfect combination of modern and traditional is ubiquitous and the rural life and wild attractions will make you fall in love with this fantastic land again and again. Armenia is not only the first ever Christian state but also one of the earliest states on the earth. The most ancient country left it’s steps on the history and maps since 9th century BC. It stood on the routes connecting Europe and Asia. This tiny beauty is a bouquet of world’s best creations: uncounted world famous architecture and natural monuments, the oldest manuscripts in the oldest capital of the world, oldest shoes found in the world, world’s longest ropeway and zipline and the highest mountains are just a small part of Armenia’s’ mystery. World’s safest country welcomes you day and night offering plenty of pleasure.
Variety of cultural and historical heritage is not the only thing to see. Armenia may also be the best eco touristic direction especially for those who love tracking, hiking, biking, rural tourism and extreme tourism.
Words don’t express all the magnificence of this land, thus come to travel through time and discover mysteries of the Armenian land.